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Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer: Because we all need a little time away…

 A  few things in life I really really love….my job, my family, being a foster parent, my dog and lots lots more:) But let be honest…we all need a little break sometimes. Next weekend starts my wonderful wedding season so my husband and I are sneaking away to somewhere warm with a beach and fruity drinks:) I will return on May 12th and will return all emails and voicemails at that time.

Thanks everyone!!!!

Wedding: Ken & Nicole!!

This one I’m really excited about:)I met Nicole’s Dad when I had my first post-college job at RBC Ministries. His wife and daughter have a photography business together called Jenuine Creations. Of course being in the wedding biz I had heard of them…read their blog…followed them on facebook….but then I got the wedding inquiry. They want ME to shoot Nicole’s wedding?? It is such an honor to have another photographer choose you to capture their wedding day. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous:) My good friend Kristen Carlson joined me the day of and we had an absolute blast working with this group!

Nicole looked amazing! She was so relaxed, so chill, so ready to get married:) Every detail had been well thought out and planned….the ostrich feathers were my favorite! Ken and Nicole are so in love and it shows through in all of their photos!! Surrounded by loving friends and family (who by the way are the best “Single Ladies” dancers I’ve ever seen!) they wed. Their relationship with God was so evident and such a tie that bind their love together. My best wishes to you, Nicole & Ken!!

Esession: Jess & Mike!

Last weekend I met up with Jess & Mike for their esession. We originally planned on either having a sledding/building snowmen essession or a warmer spring sunny essesion – we had neither:) The day was a bit cold and drizzyly but our laughter kept us warm as we had an amazing time! Mike & Jess have the best belly laughs (which I captured in a few pictures below!). The sun peaked out a few times during the shoot but by that point we were numb! They are planning a beautiful September wedding, which judging by their esession, will be SO much fun. And now…the pictures…..

My New Nephew: Andrew :)

Last week a little bundle of blessing was sent to our family…my little nephew Andrew was born! I headed over for a mini-shoot with the cutie on Wednesday and had so much fun cuddling with him and his 2 brothers. Just look at his adorable-ness!

Lovely Finds: Anthropologie Wedding Gowns

Wait…what? As I scanned today something caught my eye. No, it couldn’t be. Anthropologie announced that in Spring 2011 they will be launching a wedding gown line – even bridesmaid dresses. LOVELY! Where was this in 2005 when I got married?? This is sure to encourage many beautiful vintage inspired weddings. Until then I would encourage brides to check out the JCrew Bridal/Bridemaid line

Check out more info here….

Anthropologie’s New Line