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Monthly Archives: June 2010

My Solute!

I was able to spend some precious moments a few weeks ago with my 3 adorable nephews; Robbie, Jacob and Andrew. I give so much credit to all the moms out there raising many little ones:) As many of you know I am a 26 year old mom of 2 teenagers-very different than babies. I give major props to my sister, Sarah! Not only is she running her own buisness, Salon Epiphany (check it out!) but she has 3 little ones at home as well. Here are a few from the morning and an adorable family picture:)

Wedding: Ken & Nicole!!

This one I’m really excited about:)I met Nicole’s Dad when I had my first post-college job at RBC Ministries. His wife and daughter have a photography business together called Jenuine Creations. Of course being in the wedding biz I had heard of them…read their blog…followed them on facebook….but then I got the wedding inquiry. They want ME to shoot Nicole’s wedding?? It is such an honor to have another photographer choose you to capture their wedding day. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous:) My good friend Kristen Carlson joined me the day of and we had an absolute blast working with this group!

Nicole looked amazing! She was so relaxed, so chill, so ready to get married:) Every detail had been well thought out and planned….the ostrich feathers were my favorite! Ken and Nicole are so in love and it shows through in all of their photos!! Surrounded by loving friends and family (who by the way are the best “Single Ladies” dancers I’ve ever seen!) they wed. Their relationship with God was so evident and such a tie that bind their love together. My best wishes to you, Nicole & Ken!!

Esession: Jake & Bobbie Jo!!

Some couples just have it…they get those really super natural wonderful gooey love photos:) That was the case with Jake & Bobbie Jo. I would go to pose them during their esession and would immediately stop…they already looked perfect just snuggled into each others arms. They are so deeply in love! We had such a fun afternoon together (even with the scary thunderstorms-slash dirt winds-slash-somewhat sketchy Grand Rapids characters walking around us!). We even had a police officer (yes, you read that right) drive by during our shoot and scream “Whhooaa! SEXY!”…it really happened:) I can’t wait for your upcoming wedding!

Wedding: Joel & Angela!!

Joel & Angela were married on the epitome of a beautiful spring May day! The sun was shining, birds chirping, friends laughing…it couldn’t have been more perfect. They are such a sweet couple who had NO problem lovin’ on each other in front of the camera! The ceremony was held at the beautiful Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo. I couldn’t get enough of the hanging lights and stained glass windows…ooooo!! After a touching ceremony and tons of beautiful picture taking time we headed over to the Vineyards Hall. Angela & Joel  have such a supportive group of friends and family that were so ready to help them celebrate!! It was an amazing, touching, lovely day:) Congrats Joel & Angela…I wish you all the best!

Esession:Nick & Andrea!!

 It was a beautiful Sunday morning…I was so excited to meet up with Nick & Andrea for their esession!  They are planning a super fabulous November wedding in Grand Rapids…I can’t wait!! Life is soon about to change for this wonderful couple as Nick will be moving across the country to start law school! Andrea herself is getting her master’s degree:) When we talked about they both agreed that they would be fine…they are so in love nothing will keep them down! We had such a great time running around GR-laughing-joking-having FUN! It made me very excited for November to roll around. Congrats you two!